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Product Advantage

★ The shell material of meiyu steam Garment Steamer is PP material, with impact resistance, high strength, good toughness, not easy to deformation.

★ The telescopic rod of meiyu steam Garment Steamer adopts locking structure, four sections telescopic can be adjusted at any height, telescopic to the shortest time small convenient storage, does not occupy space; Easy to use and adjust, simple operation, arbitrary height adjustment, aluminum rod toughness, light weight, can bear up to 10 kg weight.

★ The steam pipe of meiyu steam Garment Steamer adopts double layer design, the inner layer is PVC pipe, good toughness, can be bent arbitrarily, no peculiar smell, can work in the range of 150 degrees - minus 40 degrees; Outer EVA insulation pipe, feel comfortable, heat insulation effect is very good, the highest temperature will not exceed 55 degrees, ironing long will not hot, safe and reliable.

★ Meiyu steam Garment Steamer with a special outlet, the machine each time after use there will be residual inside the excess water, put for a long time the water will deteriorate, breeding bacteria, the latest design can be easily through the outlet to release the water, simple and convenient. And in descaling, you can unscrew the outlet to flush water, the scale thoroughly washed clean, prolong the life of the product.

★ Meiyu steam Garment Steamer is equipped with removable retractable hanger, which can be used on the bracket when needed, and can be removed for collection when not needed. It does not take up space when folded, and it is very convenient to disassemble.

★ Meiyu steam hanging irding machine adopts aluminum heating body, heating structure through precise calculation and design, with fast heat transfer, high efficiency, not easy to scale and other characteristics, steam output in 32-37g/ min; And other manufacturers of heating POTS and other materials of heating body evaporation is only 25-28g/min, under the same conditions, our heating body efficiency is greatly improved, and usually aluminum heating tube and water will not produce chemical reaction, when there is water on the surface of the copper heating body, a long time, long copper green, affect the next use.

★ Multi-gear adjustment, greatly meet the needs of various occasions, all kinds of people, when using can be adjusted according to the need for low flow file or high flow file use, can meet the requirements, but also energy saving.

The quality of mei Yu steam Garment Steamer has passed the strict test of many national certification bodies, and has obtained the CE, CB and other certification, the quality is far higher than the requirements of the standard of household appliances, and the factory has passed the IS9000 certification, users can rest assured to use.

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