Characteristics of ironing machines


Ironing machine is a type of washing machine, belonging to the laundry ironing equipment. Its main components are usually a single or two rollers (modern ironing machines may contain three rollers), which are rotated by hand or by electricity. The roller is heated by steam or electricity, reaching a certain temperature. After the damp clothes are rolled between the two rollers, a large amount of water can be removed and the ironing effect can be achieved. It is used for the flattening process of bed sheets, tablecloths, fabrics, etc.

The characteristics of the ironing machine:

1. Adopting a stainless steel drying cylinder for heating, it has high heat dissipation efficiency and a smooth and flat surface, thus achieving a relatively good ironing effect.

2. The ironing speed is continuously adjustable, achieving a silent effect.

3. Adopting a variable frequency speed control system, it is energy-saving, efficient, and stable.

4. Use external steam heating or electric heating.

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