The main points of buying a garment ironing machine


Want to choose a garment steamer that suits you? Then you have to understand some shopping points. There are quite a lot of shopping points related to garment ironing machines, but here I will simply list the most important points for your reference.
(1) The power is directly linked to the ironing effect. Large steam volume, strong penetration, and long lasting time all require high power to support
(2) The inner core (steam heater) is equivalent to the "brain" of the garment ironing machine, which generates and delivers steam. The material is mostly cast copper or aluminum alloy. The motor has strong power, temperature and pressure capacity, fast heat transfer, and high efficiency.
(3) The 2.5L water tank can iron about 20 pieces of clothes. The larger the capacity, the longer the sustainable working time. It can iron a few more pieces of clothes, which can effectively avoid the troubles caused by multiple water additions and save time.
(4) The larger the area of the nozzle panel, the faster the ironing. The more holes there are, the more steam will be produced. The panel will contact the clothes during ironing. The material is also very important. At present, most of the materials are made of stainless steel or ceramics, which are resistant to high temperatures, and the bottom plate is smooth and wear-resistant. Smooth ironing, scratch resistance, sturdiness and durability
(5) The bracket is generally made of aluminum alloy, used to support clothes for ironing. There are single poles and double poles, whether it is telescopic, whether there is an ironing board, whether it can be adjusted at 0-90°, and whether the bracket is suitable is determined. Whether it saves time and effort when ironing

(6) Double power-off protection can prevent dry burning and automatic cut-off of power without water, effectively reducing safety risks, this is still very necessary.

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