Skills in the use of the garment steamer


The high-temperature steam of the garment steamer is only used to soften the fibers of the clothes, while the clothes are ironed by the fibers softened by the heat of the steam and straightened by the pull of the earth's gravity. So if you want to iron the clothes flatter and straighter, you need to hold the hem of the clothes with your hands and straighten it with a little force, instead of simply pressing the steam hole of the clothes iron on the clothes.
Garment steamer use skills 1 - pull the hem of the clothes
For thin clothes, such as shirts, T-shirts, etc., iron them inside and outside to ensure that they are flat
Garment ironing machine use skills 2 - also iron the inside of the clothes
When using a garment steamer, it is best to wear anti-scalding gloves on the auxiliary hand to reduce accidental injuries and also serve as a temporary pad to enhance the effect of scalding.
Garment Steamer Tips 3 - Wear Anti-scalding Gloves
Collars and sleeves are assisted by comfort ironing bottom plate, which can be better ironed
Garment steamer use tips 4 - use the backing plate
Silk, velvet and coats are best to add a brush to the garment steamer to open the clothes fibers and allow the steam to penetrate better for the best comfort effect
Garment Steamer Tips 5-Adding a Brush to Silk Clothes

After ironing, it is best to let it sit for 30 minutes before wearing it for the best effect. 

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