How to use the Household Steamer correctly


If you buy a clothes steamer at home, you need to know the specific usage time. How to use the Household Steamer?
1. When ironing clothes with a Household Steamer ironing machine, first add water to the water tank, and at the same time ensure that its water tank has been installed in place, then turn on the power of the ironing machine for preheating, and wait until the indicator light of the hanging ironing machine is on. , press its switch to iron.
2. At this time, put the nozzle of the Household Steamer garment ironing machine against the clothes, press down gently, and then drag the nozzle up and down, the speed must be slow, so that the steam can fully penetrate into the clothing fibers for setting.
3. When ironing clothes, start ironing from the main part of the clothes first, and at the same time, you need to gently pull the hem of the clothes with your hands, try to flatten the wrinkled areas, and use the high-temperature steam of the garment steamer. The fibers in the folds are ironed flat, so be careful not to burn yourself when ironing.
4. When ironing the collar, turn it back, hold the corner of the collar with your hand, and use the nozzle of the Household Steamer ironing machine to press down slightly and move in parallel while pulling it properly.
5. When ironing the sleeves of clothes, straighten the sleeves with force, and then use the steam jet to press the sleeves back and forth.
6. When ironing the hem of the clothes, pull one side of the clothes, and use the telescopic rod to flatten the hem of the clothes, then move the nozzle horizontally, and then rotate the hanger to iron the back of the clothes.

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