We are one of the 1200W-Professional-Vertical-Garment-Steamer-with-Ironing-Board manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have produced 1200W-Professional-Vertical-Garment-Steamer-with-Ironing-Board for more than ten years and have our own factory. Our products are all made in China and have obtained CE, CB, ROHS certification, the quality is guaranteed. You can buy in bulk or wholesale, and we will give you a cheap price. We also produce customized products, you are welcome to customize with pictures. At Miyu, you can buy low priced, discounted and favorite products.
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1200w Vertical Garment Steamer

1200w Vertical Garment Steamer

This item is called the 1200w Vertical Garment Steamer. The power is 1200W.It has an built-in water pump which can send the water to the heater non-stopply. It has an brush. The water tank capacity is 170ml. The working time is about 10 minutes. The steam rate is about 17g/minute. It is very convenient to use.

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